A still small voice …

Learning From God's Word

Is this all that there is? or Is there more?

The question of God keeps on coming back to us. It will not go away.

If there is no God, what are we left with?

Without God, we go through life, wondering “What’s this all about?”

We do our best to make it sense of it all, but we don’t seem to get anywhere with this.

The more we think about life’s most important questions the more we start to wonder if, with all our education we’re missing something.

Perhaps, when we start thinking like this, we should consider what Jesus has to say to us.

Jesus tells us that there’s a wise way of living, and there’s a foolish way of living. Jesus tells us about two builders – “a wise man who built his house on the rock” (Matthew 7:24) and “a foolish man who built his house…

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