Lifted out of our negative feelings

“No longer will they call you Deserted, or name your land Desolate …
for the Lord will take delight in you” (Isaiah 62:4),

When everything’s getting on top of us, our feelings can take control of us and run havoc with us. When this is happening to us, we feel like we can do nothing about this.

What about the Lord? Can he do something about this?

From God’s Word, there’s an encouraging answer to this question.

The Lord knows what we’re going through. He knows how hard it is for us. He knows that we feel deserted and desolate. He says to us, ‘I have not deserted you.’ He says to us, ‘There is no need for you to feel desolate.’ He says to us, ‘I take delight in you.’

The Word of the Lord – this is what lifts us out to feeling that we have been deserted, the feeling of desolation. The Word of the Lord – this is what assures us that the Lord takes delight in us.

3 thoughts on “Lifted out of our negative feelings

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