Daniel: a story of promotion and persecution

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Part 2

Photo by Emiliano Arano on Pexels.com

Daniel 6

New Government and a Promotion

A new King, Darius of the Medes was in power. This is after Daniel had prophesied the downfall of Babylon. He thought some re-organization of the Kingdom was in order and decided that He wanted one hundred and twenty Governors to rule over his provinces and then placed three Governors for them to report to. These three Governors then reported to the King.

Daniel did his job so well, that the King decided to place him over the whole kingdom of Babylon. The King realised that he did not lose anything when Daniel was in charge. So, he was able to leave the running of the Kingdom up to him. He was now the Prime Minister in the kingdom, and everyone had to report to him. However, not everyone was pleased with this and some…

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