Daniel: a story of promotion and persecution

Delle's Inspirations

Part 3

Photo by Alessio Cesario on Pexels.com

Daniel 6:4-14

The Plan and the Decree

The conspirators needed to get rid of Daniel in short order.  They decided that there must be something in his life that they could blackmail him with.  However, there was nothing to find because he could not be bribed, and he could not be bought.  He always insisted on doing things God’s way.  (vs 4-5)

This frustrated them to no end because they could not believe that there were no dark secrets that were present in his life that they could use. They then decided that they would use his Christian life and beliefs to trap him.

The plotters conceived a plan that would ultimately trap Daniel, however, the King did not seem to realise this.  The idea that was conceived appealed to the King’s pride.  After all who wouldn’t want the whole world to…

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