11th June: Nehemiah 12:31-13:31


12:31-13:31  –  God’s  people sang ‘songs of praise and thanksgiving to God’. Where does the song of praise come from? – It comes from the Lord: ‘God had given them great joy’ (46,43). Often, we seek our joy in other people and other things. We forget the Source of true joy – the Lord our God. God sees our self-centred way of life. He asks us to think about the way we’re living: ‘Why is the House of God forsaken?’ (11). We have forgotten Him. Have we any right to expect Him to remember us? Time and time again, we have failed Him. Our many sins have given Him plenty of  reasons for turning His back on us. Does He turn His back on us? No! He remembers us ‘according to the greatness of His steadfast love’ (22) – He sent His Son to die for us. Let His great love fill you with great joy.


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