Praying Through God’s Word: Ruth

Ruth 1:1-2:23
Sometimes, Lord, it seems to us that some things just happen by chance. You’re saying to us, “No. It’s more than that.” You are working in us. You are showing us Your love. Day-by-day, You are showing us that You are the faithful God. You are the God of “amazing grace.” Help us to say more than “These things just happened.” Help us to say, “God has blessed us. Thank You, Lord.”
Ruth 3:1-4:22
Thank You, Lord, that Jesus has become one of us. He’s come down to this earth for us – and He’s gone to the Cross for us. He came from heaven – and He’s taking us to heaven. He has taken our sin – and He’s given us His forgiveness. When we think of Jesus – all that He has done for us, all that He is doing for us, all that He will do for us, may our hearts be filled with praise to You, the God of our salvation.

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